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Custom Liquids solutions for Biomanufactuing

As you already know, Liquids raw materials are a critical component in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, which are used in downstream processing steps and represent a significant portion of a facility’s footprint and cost. Due its importance, is relevant to avoid risks and outsource to an specialized supplier.

At Canvax, we understand the urgency of time-to-market for new developments, importance of regulatory expertise and process efficiency. To help maximize your chances of success, we produce Custom Liquids for Biomanufacturing based on these core principles. Our portfolio includes the most used Bioprocess Buffers, Culture Media, Water Solutions or IVD Reagents to be used as raw materials for Vaccines, Cell or Protein based Therapies, Diagnostics, Veterinary and much more, applications.

Our powerful solutions ensure the best product in terms of performance, traceability, batch to batch consistency, scalability, robust secure supply chain and compliance with the highest standards in terms of efficacy and safety required in each country. To be adapted to a broad range of applications, Canvax can customize the manufacturing of these products from Research-grade to Clinical-grade under GMP basis on commercial scale, enabling this step in few weeks. 

A complete Portfolio of Custom Liquids Solutions

Can´t find exactly what you´are you looking for?

We can customize it for you!

All our solutions may be customized with:

  •   Custom Formulation
  •   Concentration
  •   Packaging
  •   Quality Grade
  •   Raw materials
  •   Format
  •   Fill Volume
  •   Quality & Stability Tests
  •   Label
  •   Brand


    Our Benefits & Advantages

    •  Possibility of total customization of the product.
    •   No MOQs: due our wide range of stainless tanks, our production capabilities adapts to all types of projects.
    •   Price competitive.
    • Shorter quoting and manufacturing lead times.

    Our solutions are designed to help you maximize your chances of success, while ensuring quality and compliance at every step. Trust in Canvax to provide the solutions you need to succeed in your pharmaceutical development.

     Canvax vs in-house manufacturing

    •   Outsource the stress to a Specialist: going faster to the market, increasing process efficiency and reduce costs.
    •   Manufacturing Plant specifically designed for Liquids manufacturing: get immediate to a large production capability, highest quality certifications and skilled technical team at a fraction of the cost.
    •   Highly experienced technical expertise, in operations and analytics: that eliminate raw material risks and batch-to-batch inconsistencies.
    •   Secure Quality and robust supply chain: proven track records of products served and robust supply chain due our location in Europe.

    Industries that we serve

    •   Medical Device & Equipments

    •   Bioproduction, including Gene therapy, Vaccine production, Plasmid production, Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) and Cell Therapy.

    •   Diagnostics

    •   Synthetic Biology

    •   Reagents Manufacturers

    •   Veterinary and Animal Health

    •   Much more

    Let´s design the solution that meets your needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions for Liquids Manufacturing Solutions

    How to Order a Custom Product?

    Is really easy! You begin by sharing your requirements through a brief few question form. Following this, you’ll receive a preliminary proposal and a Draft Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Upon your feedback or approval, we’ll provide a quotation. Once your purchase order (PO) is established, we kickstart the manufacturing process.

    What's the Turnaround Time for Custom Product Creation?

    Leveraging our advanced modular manufacturing platform, most custom products can be produced in a matter of weeks. The exact timeline depends on your specific product requirements.

    Need Help with Ideal Formulation or Quality Grade for Your Application?

    Absolutely! Our team of expert scientists can optimize a formulation tailored to your specific application.

    Can You Adjust Product Size and Customizations?

    We can tailor container sizes, types, fill volumes, or even incorporate your branding into the product.

    How Is My Intellectual Property Protected?

    This starts with a nondisclosure agreement, and we securely store all sensitive data on a high-security server separate from other systems.

    Meeting Specific Quality Control Needs?

    Yes, we can! Our team can design a personalized quality control testing system to ensure your custom formulations meet your requirements and perform as expected.

    Can You Accommodate Audits by my Team?

    We are open to both on-site and virtual audits. Prior to production, all manufacturing documents are shared with you for your review and approval.

    Visiting Our Facilities Before Manufacturing Starts?

    You’re more than welcome to visit our two cutting-edge facilities, meet our team, and get acquainted with the equipment used in your production process.

    About us

    Since 2001, Canvax has been an original Manufacturer & Supplier of the Most Innovative Buffers, Enzymes, Kits, Assays and Reagents. Due our customizable manufacturing structure, reduced overhead and capacity to BULK manufacturing with the highest quality standards, we are leading the Life Science industry in terms of product performance, manufacturing capabilities and customer-service.

    Our 60+ employees (~35% PhD) has a wide experience across all stages of the biopharmaceutical value chain, from research up to clinical stage. It enables you to a no-risk transition from pilot to full-scale production batches quickly, without the disruptive fluctuations in quality that cost you time and effort; putting you ahead of the game and, thus, allowing you to go to market faster and with confidence.

    Our solutions are manufactured in our 2 manufacturing facilities, located in Valladolid (Spain), with a total area of 3,600m2:

    •  Facilities ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and GMP.
    •   Wide range of Single-Use and stainless steel Tanks and Bioprocess Reactors with scale ranging from 10 L to 2,000 L.
      Controlled Environment: ISO7 (C Grade) and ISO 8 (D Grade) for Manufacturing.
      Manual, semi-automated and fully automated flexible filling capabilities.
        Steam sterilization
      (autoclave) facilities.
    •   Product tracking, segregation and packaging capabilities.

    Click here to find out more about About us, our Manufacturing Sites, Quality Certifications, or main differences between RUO and GMP, to discover which grade is the adequate for your project.

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