Stool Catcher

For an Easy, safe and hygienic collection of human fecal samples

The Stool Catcher is a strip of paper with two adhesive strips. By sticking thevStoolCatcher on the toilet seat, the stool is safe from contamination. Instructions are printed directly onto each Stool Catcher for ease of use.

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Detailed information:

Advantages & Features
  • Easy, safe and hygienic collection of human fecal samples.
  • Cost-avoidance compared to standard methods.
  • Enviromental-friendly.

Includes for 100 units:
– 100 units of ready-to-use Stool chatcher

Download documentation
  • Stool Catcher previously to Sample Collection & Stabilization steps.
Tables & Figures

Quality Control
  • Strict quality controls in every phase of manufacturing to guarantee the highest quality and reproducibility.
Storage, Shipping & Guarantee
  • Shipped in: Ambient Temperature.
  • Storage: Room Temperature (15–25 °C).
Safety Statements

This product is developed, designed and sold exclusively for Research purposes and in vitro use only (RUO). The product was not tested for use in diagnostics or for drug development, nor is it suitable for administration to humans or animals. For more info, please check its Material Safety Data Sheet available in this website.

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