HigherPurity™ Bacterial DNA Isolation Kit

For an Accurate, Easy & Rapid High Quality DNA Isolation from both Gram (-) and Gram (+) Bacteria

HigherPurity™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit provides an accurate, easy-to use and rapid method to isolate high quality DNA from both Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria. The kit uses HigherPurity™ breakthrough technology based in the ability to bind silica in the presence of high concentrations of chaotropic salts as guanidinium thiocyanate.

The extraction process uses comfortable CleanEasy™ MiniSpin Columns and includes an initial cell-wall lysis step with the appropriate enzyme to ensure efficient cell lysis and DNA release from the cell.

Price: 94.40 305.84 

Detailed information:

Advantages & Features
  • Highly efficient: yields up to 24 µg.
  • Really fast and easy procedure: it takes 78 minutes to get results with minimal handling steps.
  • Safe: avoids phenol/chloroform extraction.
  • Convenient: ideal for bacterial DNA isolation from cell pellets after culturing.

Includes for 50 rxn:
– 50 CleanEasy™ MiniSpin Columns
– 50 Collection tubes
– 15 mL BR-1 Buffer
– 20 mL BLU Buffer
– 30 mL WB1 Buffer
– 30 mL WB2 Buffer
– 15 mL EB Buffer
– 30 mg Proteinase K
– 25 mg Lysozyme

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Purified DNA suitable for all common Molecular Biology applications, such as:

  • Digestion with restriction enzymes.
  • Automated sequencing.
  • PCR template.
  • Southern Blots.
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Quality Control
  • Tested on a lot-to-lot basis by isolating total DNA from E. coli.
  • Tested for the isolation of any Plasmid DNA from transformed E.coli.
  • The Quality of Purified DNA is analysed by:
      • Ratio 260/ 280 (1.8-2).
      • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.
      • Digestion with Restriction Endonucleases.
  • Recommendations: If any kit reagent forms a precipitate, warm at 55–65 °C until the precipitate dissolves, and allow to cool to room temperature before use.
Storage, Shipping & Guarantee
  • Shipped at: Ambient Temperature.
  • Storage: All components can be stored at Room Temperature, except Proteinase K and Lysozyme (4 ºC). Proteinase K should be stored at -20 ºC for longer-term storage.
Safety Statements

This product is developed, designed and sold exclusively for Research purposes and in vitro use only (RUO). The product was not tested for use in diagnostics or for drug development, nor is it suitable for administration to humans or animals. For more info, please check its Material Safety Data Sheet available in this website.

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